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We now offer rates through multiple companies in Florida and Texas.  SR22’s, FR44’s and Non-Owner policies available over the phone.  Licensed agents are available to assist you during office hours.

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All household residents 15 years or older must be listed as rated drivers or excluded from coverage.

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Car Insurance Discounts

Although discounts vary company to company, there are a few discounts that are pretty common among auto insurers in general.  The most obvious is driving record. Keep it clean! A record void of traffic violations, accidents and insurance claims is definitely an asset when purchasing car insurance.  Insurers also tend to favor measures of financial stability such as credit score, homeownership and even marriage.  However, not all states allow credit scoring as a rating factor.  One of the most important discounts is simply having prior insurance coverage without lapses.  If you’re just starting out, hang in there.  It should get cheaper for you after you’ve had a policy in force for a few terms.  Having higher than state minimum limits is also looked upon favorably by many insurers.  Try stepping up your liability limits a notch, and realize the savings down the road.

When Liability Only Makes Sense


As an insurance agency, we love selling you comprehensive and collision coverage.  However, there comes a time in the life of a vehicle when it might not make much sense to pay for comprehensive and collision.  If the value of your vehicle, less the deductible, is getting close to what you pay for comprehensive and collision each year, then you may want to consider liability only.  You may be over-paying for physical damage coverage on that clunker, er uh, car.