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All household residents 15 years or older must be listed as rated drivers or excluded from coverage.

Understand Florida's Car Insurance Coverages

Personal Injury Protection (PIP) Florida is a no-fault state.  Regardless of who is at fault in an accident, your PIP coverage is your primary medical coverage from injuries in a car accident.  You are required to carry $10,000 of PIP coverage.  PIP and Property damage liability (PD) are the only coverages required to register your vehicle and keep you driver’s license in good standing.  Other medical coverages such as uninsured motorist liability and medical payments can also be added to Florida auto policies.  *PIP is subject to 80% co-insurance and a deductible is optional.  Extended PIP is offered by some insurers to remove the co-insurance. PIP also covers up to 60% of lost wages.  Lost wage coverage may be voluntarily excluded by the policy holder.
Property Damage Liability (PD) This covers damage you cause to other people’s property.  It covers cars that you hit, stop signs you mow over and anything else you are able to hit with your vehicle that doesn’t belong to you.  The State of Florida requires motorists to carry at least $10,000 of PD coverage.  We recommend you purchase much more.  How many cars can you think of that cost less than $10,000 to replace?  Even some non-standard insurers that only write state minimum limits will write up to $25,000 in property damage liability.  Ask your agent to quote you with higher liablity limits.  You may be surprised how little it costs to double you coverage. * Property damage liability is not subject to a dedcutible.
Bodily Injury Liability (BI) We get a lot of questions about this coverage.  Bodily injury liability covers injuries to others for which you are liable.  Is it required by the State of Florida?  No.  Should you buy it?  Absolutely! If you are in an accident where you are at fault and there are injuries, the State of Florida can suspend your license until you are either able to pay the other party’s medical expenses or get a waiver from the other party.  Good luck on that.  And when you do finally get your driver’s license back, you’ll be required to carry an SR22 for a couple years.  Protect your drivers license and carry bodily injury liability coverage.  * Bodily injury liability is not subject to a deductible.
Comprehensive & Collision (aka: Full Coverage) So, what is full coverage anyway?  It’s a misnomer for one.  There isn’t an insurance policy out there that covers everything at any cost.  Insurance policies have limits and exclusions.  The term “full coverage” is invoked, it generally refers to comprehensive and collision coverages.  Comprehensive: Also known as “OTC” or “Other Than Collision” covers a vehicle against perils that are not collision: theft, falling tree branches, hail, etc.  *Comprehensive is subject to a deductible.  Collision: This covers a vehicle when it collides with stuff: other cars, stationary objects, buildings, etc.  *Collision is also subject to a deductible.