Simple, Affordable Renters Insurance

Does your landlord require renters insurance?  Don’t need a policy with all the bells and whistles that costs way too much?  We’ve got you covered.  Get basic liability to satisfy your landlord for $15/month.  Or get coverage for your contents too for $25/month.


Fact: Writing a renters policy is not worth your time.  Are you filling out an entire homeowners insurance application just to get minimal coverage for an apartment renter?

Solution: Let the consumer buy it themselves on your branded website and get paid without the hassle.  Here’s what you get with SimpleRenters:

  • A branded website that looks and feels like your own site where the customer can purchase a renters policy in 3 minutes.
  • Let the landlord and our software do your retention work for you.  We notify the insured and the property owner by text or email when a policy cancels and when it is reinstated.
  • Text the request to your customer to purchase and sign on their phone.
  • Cool dashboard  and policy status reporting on the backend.
  • And of course, competitive commissions.

Property Owners

Sick of chasing around your tennants to keep their renters insurance current?  We got you.  Shoot your new tennant a text to purchase $100,000 of liability coverage and you will be notified by text or email when they’re signed up.  Here’s what else you get with SimpleRenters – all for free:

  • A cool dashboard showing all your properties and their coverage status.
  • Text/email alerts when a policy cancels and when it has been reinstated.
  • Phone support by licensed and US domiciled insurance agents and adjusters.

Not bad right?